Tactical Mag Pouch

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Need a Solid, Robust Mag Pouch? This is it! The Tactical Mag Pouch is intended for heavy-duty use in a tactical environment. It comes with Easy on/off tabs and will be the primary choice for first-responders and military personnel (See full description Below).


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The Double Tactical Magazine Pouches are made to match your Gun Magazine. They are robust and stout in appearance and design. Like my Slim Profile Pancake Holster, these feature my Easy on & off tabs allowing you to don/doff without removing your belt. The inherent design provides a stable platform from which to rest or present magazines in a dynamic environment.

The Tactical Magazine Pouch is molded with a block mold that is close in size/dimensions of your Magazine choice. It allows bullets forward or reverse. And often will accommodate other similar sized magazines.  There are many pistol magazines that are very close in size dimensions.

Add Compact Option: Say you order this tactical mag for a G-17, but want to also be able to accommodate a G-26 mag. Enter a 1 in the compact option box and I’ll add two threaded holes and supply hardware to easily change over to compact when desired. Easy!

Thumb screw tensioners are standard.

Any questions, please send me a message 🙂