Single/Double/Triple Mag Pouch

From: $50.00

Use coupon code *addamag* for $15 off each mag by buying two mag pouches, or a pancake and a mag pouch. This puts the mag price below it’s stand alone price; $45 each vs. $65 each for a double. Need an AR Mag Pouch? Click Here!

Single, double or triple mag pouches are underrated works of origami. They are definitely like no other. Both designs don and doff with a simple twist of the pouch.

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Single, double or triple kydex mag pouches are easy to don and doff with a simple twist of the mag. Shooters will appreciate their ease of mag presentation too.

These mag pouches are made of 0.080 inch Kydex wrapped to create a mag pouch and belt loop all in one. They are molded to fit your pistol magazine.  This design also allows for your handgun magazines to be placed forward or reverse. A hand tensioning  system is built in with your choice of phillips head or thumbscrew.

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If you prefer an inline or horizontal mag we have them here.