Slim Profile Pancake

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The Slim Profile based on the Standard Bearer Pancake is intended for those that want the smallest profile possible in an OWB Pancake.



Suppressor Sights?

Write a note in the box below to let us know if you have add-ons to your weapon that we need to be aware of.


Pancake Holster

I have many-many of these Pancake holsters presently being used by Active Duty LEO, Military, DOJ/DOS personnel And Top Notch Civilians.

The SLIM PROFILE Pancake holster is the same Pancake you know and enjoy. Offered in select belt sizes creating a Slimmer Profile. Same strong, lightweight, secure Kydex Pancake holster. Choose 1.5/2.0 and you have the original Standard Bearer Pancake since belt sizing was the true difference in these two Pancakes.


My pancake holster is made to fit to the curve of your body. Your holstered weapon rides close to the body for security while remaining extremely comfortable.

A built in hand tensioning system allows you to adjust how securely you want to carry. A thumbscrew is standard, with a phillips-screw included to change over to if desired.

Easy on & off tabs allow you to don and doff the holster without removing your belt. Extra hardware is included to change to a solid mount included.

Sweat Guard, if chosen, has black velvet liner on the portion next to you. They fit best for hip-carry, 2:30 to 4:30 range RH, or 8:30 to 10:30 LH. Comes standard with a hand tensioning system, and in multiple colors. 0.125 Kydex belt straps can be converted to solid mounting.

Have Suppressor Sights? Make certain to add a note during check-out to alert me.

Lights? I have made these with lights and continue to do so on a request basis. Custom pieces simply take more work on my end. The added cost is between $30-$60. With Optics and their cut-outs I will need a photo of your gun in profile.  It should clearly show the optic and where it is located on the slide, it may or may not add cost depending. Please contact me here for custom work.

If you would like to see a Customer video review of the Pancake holster it can be viewed here.


    Larry McKenna Avatar
    Larry McKenna

    5 star rating   Great man to do business with and great holster. I wear it every day and has never failed  - 2/24/2017

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    Edward Clark Avatar
    Edward Clark

    5 star rating   Great Customer Service, great Prices and most of all The best holsters I own.  - 4/06/2016

1 review for Slim Profile Pancake

  1. 5 out of 5

    I just came back to order more of these. Bought one a while back and loved it, best holster I’d ever used. Putting it on and taking it off made the task of arming myself much more pleasant. Had a buddy who saw it, tried it and traded me for it (he had to make a sweet deal to get it from me). He now also loves it and won’t use anything else. These things just simply work. Mine holds a G20 comfortable and makes it possible for me to wear jeans and a tshirt and have it disappear. I came back and ordered 2 more, one to replace the traded one and another for a full size P220. These beat other, more expensive, brands in every aspect: price, ease of use, functionality and looks. The customer service is also, hands down, the best in the business. I will continue to recommend and order from Tom for any holster/mag carrier needs.

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