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The Liberator is designed to ride close to the body, making it a great option for everyday concealed carry. With options to raise or lower it, finding comfort is expected.

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Meet the Liberator! A cross between the Slim Profile and the Pro-S. -> Scroll down for Demo VIDEO!

With three different height adjustments covering an inch and a half total from top to bottom (1 3/4 in. belt-clip shown) you can find a height that is comfortable for you. The height adjustment is intended to help you conceal this holster better. And the style/design itself is geared toward comfort in EDC.


  1. The Speed-Ease Belt clips allow you to put-on/take-off this Pancake without taking off your belt.
  2. Ability to raise the holster from my standard ride height by 1 1/2 inches; an easy change-up.
  3. The Liberator should work anywhere on the belt including cross-draw.
  4. Comes standard with thumbscrew tensioner. Includes Phillips-head screw for those who prefer that style tensioner.

The barrel of the weapon is covered for shorter framed guns and open for others.

Understanding that cant in a holster can help hide the weapon better, I highly suggest that slimmer folks steer clear of the 15 degree fwd. cant. This holster is built to ride close. The more forward cant you choose the more you’re literally trying to bend the gun around your slim waist. So slimmer guys/gals (under 36 inch waist) choose straight up or just 10 degrees.

I have full confidence that this holster will ride as close or closer than my other Pancakes. That said, these clips do not inspire me to make this holster for larger framed guns yet. I may open it up to those weapons at a later date once I have more input/feedback from my legion of testers.

I’ve also limited the light & laser choices here to help adhere to the designs purpose; Smaller frames in a compact close-in holster.

Don’t see your gun listed? Shoot me an e-mail.

Lights will change the look and configuration of the overall Holster. All Lights have to be covered by kydex to help retain them.

James R. Gilbert Avatar
James R. Gilbert

2A Holsters -- Tom is great to deal with and his work is impeccable. He strives to get you what your needing by listening to what you ask and want.

He has a vast pool of resources to pull information from on what works and what doesn't work from Those that have Been There Done That.

Thanks Tom!  - 9/18/2017

Jeff MrProfessional Avatar
Jeff MrProfessional

I have 2AHolsters for all my guns. No nonsense and excellent customer service. Awesome custom work.  - 3/07/2017