Extra Shell

From: $50.00

Spare Shell for Litepath Chest Holster

Shell Only, Straps and accessories not included.

Want to try a new shell color?
Want to use the same straps but have different shells for different weapons? Damaged or worn out shell? Whatever the reason, purchase your replacement shell here.

Replacement/Spare Holster.

Hardware included: Thumb-Screws and Backers.

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Extra Shells For Chest Holster

The extra shells for the chest holster will fit either the OutDoorsman or the Litepath . New weapon no worries. How about one shell for a smaller gun for concealed carry and one shell for your larger weapon for outdoor activities?

The creation of this chest holster was guided by men that “live by the gun”. Former FAM/FFDO, SOF/SF and top notch civilians as well. This holster, like any other holster is as safe as you are. “Gear should never be used to account for a lack of training “, Retired SF Green Beret LTC and 2A Holster Customer.