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$120.00 $99.95
NITECORE now offers a brand new series of rechargeable flashlights starting with the NITECORE R25. Coming equipped with a Smart Charging Dock and a high powered dedicated Li-ion battery, the new R25 is specially designed for law enforcement and police! With three different individualized settings, you can customize your light to best meet your needs. Choose from General, Tactical, or Law Enforcement mode to tailor this light's 800 lumens on brightness and instant-strobe button to suit your needs. With additional features like a crenulated bezel, anti-rolling design and one-handed operation, this light has been optimized for your use.


$29.95 $24.95
Features: Given the functions of self-defense in life-threatening situation and daily writing, NTP21 is a multi-purposed tool which is able to pass the security screening. It is your writing partner and concealed guardian.


$168.00 $139.95
  • Titanium utility knife for EDC, outdoors etc.
  • Replaceable OLFA CKB-2 blade
  • 30 degree angle for precision cutting
  • Adjustable length with locking grooves
  • Body lock for safety during carry
  • Bottle opener and glass breaker tool