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Slim Profile Pancake

From: $85.00
The Slim Profile based on the Standard Bearer Pancake is intended for those that want the smallest profile possible in an OWB Pancake. I'm now making these with Speed Ease Clips. Most of my shooters have made the switch to Speed Ease, And they like the  Liberator too. Check Liberator page to see those Clips. I still offer the In-house clips in the drop downs below.  



From: $95.00
The Pro-S is designed to ride high above the belt line and close to the body, making it a great option for everyday concealed carry. Consider the Liberator too. It rides high, is adjustable and IMO is a better choice unless you HAVE to have it ride above the belt.



From: $95.00
The Liberator is designed to ride close to the body, making it a great option for everyday concealed carry. With options to raise or lower it, finding comfort is expected.  



From: $75.00
This Holster, in MOLLE configuration, is an excellent way to carry on Plate Carriers and MOLLE Belts. The S.T.R.I.K.E. mount has adjustable cant to place it however you desire, so order it straight-up for MOLLE. In OWB configuration, it makes an excellent range holster. As a bonus, the mount holes for each style allow adaptation for the other unless you choose the QLS which is a separate style. Non-Returnable. Not for Revolvers. Too Many people see the price and order without knowing what they are ordering. Read the info in the sidebar. Send an e-mail to me if needed.