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Mil-Spec Webbing

From: $2.00 From: $1.00
All Webbing Sold by the Yard. Color matching is important to us. Expect colors to match with variation only due to material differences. Scroll down for Product Description! Usually ships in 5 yard lengths (less if ordering less).

Custom Shop

From: $1.00
This is the Custom Shop. Here is where you'll add some money to the cart to cover the price of your custom piece. Simply choose from the drop down list the total that you'll need to add to your regularly priced product. 


Extra Shell

From: $60.00

Spare Shell for Litepath Chest Holster

Shell Only, Straps and accessories not included.

Want to try a new shell color? Want to use the same straps but have different shells for different weapons? Damaged or worn out shell? Whatever the reason, purchase your replacement shell here.Replacement/Spare Holster.Hardware included: Thumb-Screws and Backers.

Replacement Strap Sets

From: $60.00
Spare Strap for Litepath Chest Holster & Outdoorsman Chest Holster. STRAPS ONLY, SHELL AND ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED.Want to try a new strap color?
 Wanna convert your Litepath to the Outdoorsman? Whatever the reason, purchase your replacement straps here.I include hardware to mount these; screw and backers.

Holster Replacement Parts

From: $15.00
Although spare parts are included in every purchase, there's nothing worse than having your holster decommissioned because of a simple lost screw or nut. Use this function to purchase replacement/ spare parts for any 2A product.Please use the "notes" function to describe the part you need. Include the type of holster you have and where the part is needed.