Survival Puck is Here!

Survival Pucks, Tins for survival

Yay! Our New Survival Pucks Arrived.

My Wife had just found these a couple weeks ago and I finally found time to get in touch with the Owner of Survival Puck. Turns out he’s a great guy and he definitely has a great product there.

Fast Forward two weeks and Ka-Zing. We got ’em in the Store now.  Find them >here<

Take time to check out these great Pucks. 6 to choose from, and lots of details on the pieces inside each one.  Lots of people make or have made similar things for themselves or to sell. I like these. I like them for their simplicity, well organized and thought-out. And Frank, the Owner of Survival Puck isn’t resting on his laurels. He has changes planned and is open to suggestions.

Sounds like a winning combo to me!


The Mini-Ninja

We have a new product coming in the next few weeks.  It’s called the Mini-ninja. It is a chest holster designed specifically for smaller weapons and smaller people. Of course you don’t have to be small to appreciate it’s small profile. . . .Stay Tuned!



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