Carry of the Litepath Chest Holster

The litepath Chest Holster is a hot commodity right now and I expect that trend to continue.

Many people see this holster and know immediately how it can serve them in their daily carry. Not sure of the numbers, but a modicum of people contact me about the ‘chesty’ (slang for the Chest Holster), and ask about conceal-ability. Most it seems feel that muzzle down would be best.

There really is no “correct” carry for the Chesty. There is a best way to carry it for conceal ability. A best way to Carry for Hunting, Bike Riding, Four Wheeling, etc. Lots of applications, lots of ways to carry.

I made this impromptu Video On Inauguration Day, Friday January 20th just after returning from town. A bit of Show and Tell.



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