What informs you?


What informs my work is likely similar to what informs yours. I like to think that each and every thing I’ve experienced informs me daily.

My ten years spent in the U.S. Navy as an engineman, the 14 yrs. I operated and owned an automotive garage. My ten years as an ICU nurse. And certainly the time spent working with photo/video.


Take the above photo. A pattern I worked out over 3 years ago for Magazine Carriers that could be easily put on or taken off the belt. That ability to pattern make comes directly from a 7th grade class in Sheet Metal Welding. Pattern making was a component part of that class. We had to make a pattern of a funnel and then solder it up into a working tool. I remember it well due to my being surprised at how a funnel is shaped when you lay it out flat.


In the above photo my Pancake design is informed by the time I spent as a Nurse. The human body is round-ish not square. It seemed fitting that a product made to fit around your body instead of just hanging onto the side was the way to go. We come in different shapes and sizes, ergo so do my pancakes.

The same with the first photo in this posting. The finger relief/cutaway I do on the Litepath Chest Holster, the Pancake, IWB, etc., all are informed by the size you choose in the drop downs. Based on your Chest size/waist size, etc. I can pretty much figure out how much room I need to have for your fingers to grab the weapon and not pinch you when you draw or reholster.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my customers. Reason is is because they inform me all the time. I cannot think of a product I sell that hasn’t been either designed (idea-wise) or changed by input from customers. Sometimes they say nothing, but send a photo. And based on the photo I see something that sticks out to me as a better idea or alternate idea. So yeah, like I say all the time; my Customers are my business!

Now, all of this is no great secret. It’s certainly not like I’m a special snowflake here. I just happen to appreciate the history of what informs my daily bread in the holster making world.


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