Kydex & holster questions & answers

I had an interesting e-mail conversation the other week.  A customer wrote to me asking about my Stick-Up! Car holster. He needed to know if the suction cups would stick to leather in his late model Ford. I had no idea, so I shipped one off to him to try (they do!).

As our conversation continued, I’m being asked about all sorts of things related to the holster and it’s options. What is the velvet liner for? And what is the ‘light’ option? And finally ( in his words), “I also just now realised the mount is made out of kydex lol. Is kydex a flexible material like leather? Or is it hard like plastic?”

minimum measurements between cups

minimum measurements between cups

I sorta knew when we got to the light question that my customer was a newcomer to the world of holsters AND guns. And then the question about kydex sealed the deal.

Before you laugh and think, “Oh, what a dummy!” I’ll go ahead and remind you that everyone has a starting point. Mine wasn’t that long ago (2+years) itself.

Some of my answers follow: “The Light option is for people that have equipped their weapons with lights, such as you see in the drop downs ( re; Stick-Up! page): TLR-1, 2, etc. Personally, We use lights on our (Home Defense) long weapons and not on our handguns. Yet I have U.S. Marshal’s and all sorts of other people that do keep lights on their handguns; On duty or off.

“The lining is something I recommend for quiet. For instance, I use a lined one beside my bed. Other than that, there is no reason to $pring for the lining. However if you do want a lining, I also have some nice leather I’d do for the same money. I keep leather, but don’t really advertise it. The velvet or liner will not make it more snug. Leather would though, which is why I don’t actually offer it inside of any holster (other than a Stick-Up!). I tried it early on thinking it would help prevent finish damage on guns and found that the draw of the gun from the holster was just slow comparatively.”

And finally the kydex. “Kydex is “like” a plastic. You ever air travel? If so you’ve been surrounded by kydex. It comes from the airline industry and it’s what the doors of overhead bins are made from. It has a bunch of unique properties, such as a very high melt temperature and flash point is way high. Also it emits very little gases up to flash point. (Rockwell hardness @ 90 for scratch resistence) If you’re anywhere near a gun store, go by and ask if they have any kydex holsters. Check it out.”

We never know when we’ll encounter a new-comer. Let’s make sure we welcome them all!



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