Hands on Review from Retired Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Officer

I recently bought some gear from and wanted to share some thoughts. I will post a pic and then some thoughts.This is the same holster, just with and without the sweatguard. It is for a Kimber TLE II RL with a TLR-3 light, straight cant, right side OWB.The fit and finish is very professional and top notch. The black on “pick your color” is very cool. The kydex is very thick and well finished, no scratches or melt marks anywhere. It holds this all steel 1911 with a light very tight to the body. A great piece of kit.Just pull out these tabs and slide them over your belt. easy on and easy off.

Perhaps one of the best features is this easy on and off belt clip that allows easy placement and removal. It is used for all of the kit, mag pouches etc and solves one of my biggest bitches about holsters and mag pouches.
The Universal mag pouch is a pure stroke of genius. The tension screw is simple but effective and this pouch holds my G 36 mags and my G 21 mags. The shorter mags seem to sink down below the belt loops, but a proper “sweep the belt” reload solves this. Again fit and finish are perfect.

The rifle mag carriers has yet to see the range, unlike his sidearm brethren, but it is universal as well, both left and right and holds my 5.56, 6.8 and 7.62 x 39 AR mags.Customer service was topnotch and I didn’t have to wait a bajillion years. The pricing is surprisingly low for the quality you get. Go to and pick up some of this great kit.

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