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Video review from customer of chest holster
Chest holster customer video review.


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Litepath Chest Holster

From: $130.00 From: $110.00
The Litepath Chest Holster is our best-selling product. Originally designed for Concealed Carry, it is the most comfortable & effective alternative you will ever find to a shoulder holster. Free Priority Shipping included! 


OutDoorsman Chest Holster

From: $130.00
Available for a multitude of guns; optics and lights. Configure up to 3 different carry modes. ALL Mil-Spec. webbing. Standard Colors, Camo, & Carbon-Fiber. Reconfigure RH/LH as desired with same holster. No Loose Straps! Want an Extra Shell for another gun to go with your rig? Go Here! Extra Strap Set, Go Here! Free Priority Shipping included!



From: $95.00
The Pro-S is designed to ride high above the belt line and close to the body, making it a great option for everyday concealed carry. Consider the Liberator too. It rides high, is adjustable and IMO is a better choice unless you HAVE to have it ride above the belt.


Single/Double/Triple Mag Pouch

From: $50.00 From: $40.00
Single, double or triple mag pouches are underrated works of origami. They are definitely like no other. Both designs don and doff with a simple twist of the pouch. Need an AR Mag Pouch? Click Here!  

IWB & Soft Side IWB

From: $95.00
The IWB & Soft Side IWB are our minimalist style for those who want an inside the waistband carry. With 2 inches of adjustment in/out of the pocket and 30 degrees forward/rearward cant, it is easy to find a comfortable position for Appendix, Small of Back, or around the body-clock carry. Not intended for revolvers. Camo is only offered as a special order.


From: $95.00
The Liberator is designed to ride close to the body, making it a great option for everyday concealed carry. With options to raise or lower it, finding comfort is expected.  


Single AR Mag Pouch

From: $65.00
*addamag* discount coupon for those purchasing a pancake or two of these nets $15 off the total. Buying two of these the price drops to $45 each using the *addamag* coupon AND qualifies you for FREE USPS Priority Shipping

Slim Profile Pancake

From: $85.00
The Slim Profile based on the Standard Bearer Pancake is intended for those that want the smallest profile possible in an OWB Pancake. I'm now making these with Speed Ease Clips. Most of my shooters have made the switch to Speed Ease, And they like the  Liberator too. Check Liberator page to see those Clips. I still offer the In-house clips in the drop downs below.  


Our Litepath And Outdoorsman Chest Holsters are two very good choices for alternate modes of carry.  Our Newest Chest Holster, The Mini-Ninjer continues our devotion for Concealed Carry. Check out those product pages for info, reviews and lots of photos.

We offer a series of Pancakes all of which are built to provide a stable platform from which to draw. They’re easily concealed too, which is why they’re gaining in popularity with professionals and the public.

Many of the Holster designs you see here were created with the guidance of Active Duty and Former/Retired Special Forces/SOF, Soldiers, Airman, Marines and Sailors as well as FBI/CIA/PSD/U.S. Marshals/NYPD and many-many other Professionals. .  .Men who, “Live By The Gun.”  The end result of this guidance is solid, dependable, Holsters.

My pancakes, IWB’s and Mag pouches all come on/off the belt without having to remove your belt. They remain on and secure when worn and come off with ease.

“My customers ARE my business!”