Litepath Chest Holster

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The Litepath Chest Holster is our best-selling product. Originally designed for Concealed Carry, it is the most comfortable & effective alternative you will ever find to a shoulder holster.

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The Litepath Chest Holster

The creation of this chest holster was guided by men that, “live by the gun.” Former FAM/FFDO, SOF/SF and top notch LEO & civilians as well.

This chest holster like any other holster is as safe as you are. “Gear should never be used to account for a lack of training.”, Retired SF Green Beret LTC and a 2a holster customer.

There are no loose straps to interfere with you, or your other gear. The shoulder straps are made from mil spec nylon or polypropylene webbing. The waist straps of the chest holster are made from mil-spec berry-compliant elastic. All straps are adjustable and made to order by size. In the drop down menu you will see sizes small to 2Xl. If you are outside these size ranges contact us so we can help.
The shells of the chest holster are hand made to order from Kydex. In the drop down menu you can choose how you want to carry. Muzzle Up, Muzzle Down, horizontal or a combo.  Choosing one carry option allows a smaller footprint and better overall experience especially if you are choosing it for a concealed carry option, though we do sell many-many combo-carry’s as well; Up/Down/horizontal/All.

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    Steve Latham Avatar

    Steve Latham

    5 star rating

    You don't run across many businesses like this any more. Old school quality, old school customer service, great price. I placed my order and had a custom made holster in hand five days later. It's my new favorite, my first order from 2a but it will most certainly not be my last. Thanks Tom!



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